Jonah received his Master’s Degree from Texas Tech University where he spent a summer studying abroad in Spain.

He has been with PRDG for one year now and feels right at home in the senior living sector after completing internships in Lubbock and Houston where he worked in both commercial and residential architecture.

When not at work he enjoys watching movies such as Star Wars, Toy Story, and Top Gun, traveling to new and exotic places like Boston and Kansas City, as well as camping with friends, especially when the weather is cooperative enough for hammocking. Though on a very memorable camping trip he did briefly share his hammock with a bat, which is an experience he’d prefer not to repeat.

Jonah is from Canton, Texas where he has lots of family that he gets to see often now that he’s in Dallas, usually for family gatherings, but sometimes just as often for help with manual labor.

He is looking forward to completing his A.R.E. exams which he began this year and is also hoping to up his ping-pong skills to be a better competitor in the office tournament next year.