Howdy! My name is Joe Seitzer from Plano, TX, and more importantly, I am a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of ’04. Whoop!

Born in Illinois, Joe struggled moving around from state to state just about every year for the first half of my life. About 20 years ago he moved to Texas and found this state to be my true home. I love traveling, but it is always nice to come back to the great state of Texas. Starting my career, Texas A&M University was an easy choice for my undergraduate degree, and a year after finishing and working in the professional environment, I could not think of anywhere better but to continue my masters back at Texas A&M. I now live in Plano and recently married in May of ’15 to my lovely wife Ashley. Our miracle baby boy Parker James Seitzer was born back in August and has transformed our lives completely as the greatest blessing. As a member of the original group of PRDG, it has been a pleasure to see how the office has grown over the last couple of years.

During the summer weekends, you can most likely find me on my boat out on Lake Lewisville. I also enjoy just about every sport and hobby consisting of, but not limited to sand volleyball, wake-boarding, snowboarding, long-boarding, wake-surfing, slalom skiing, basketball, baseball, softball, football, golf, tennis, rollerblading, disc golf, ultimate, rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, camping, hiking, backpacking, four wheeling, horseback riding, playing the guitar, bowling, foosball, playing pool, ping-pong, and hip hop dancing. At least a couple times a year I make my way out to the sugar sand beaches of Destin, FL and bask in the warmth of the sun on the beach. “Find Your Beach”…

Thanks & Gig ‘Em!

“Inspiration comes from so many different things. Good water conditions, a sunset session, who is in your boat, how big the wake is, the status of your personal life, it’s random and always different. I am continually seeking new and different ways to become inspired, sometimes it comes so easily and other times it’s a struggle.”  Keith Lyman